AKA: Honckenya peploides; Sea Chickweed; Seabeach Sandwort; Sea Purslane
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Plant Type: Forb

Distribution: Coastal areas in the Northern Coastal areas of North America

Flower Color: white

Description: This plant forms low, dense mats on or near coastal areas. The leaves and stems are bright-green to yellow-green and fleshy. It's opposite leaves and general character resemble Chickweed, hence one of its common names, Sea Chickweed. It looks like Chickweed's plump, beach-dwelling cousin. The flowerbuds start as swollen pods at the tips of the stalk, the open into attractive flowers with five white petals alternating with five narrow, light-green sepals.

Edibility: Leaves and young shoots. Raw, or cooked in just about any way. Very high in vitamins A and C. (Schofield)

Other Notes: An alternate genus name, Honckenya, honors the 18th century German botanist Gerhard Honckeny. The species name, peploides, is from the greek peplis, or cloak. This refers to the way the the leaves wrap around the flowers. (Schofield)