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Asteraceae (Aster Family)

Matricaria matricariodes

Pineapple Weed

Plant TypeForb
Life CycleAnnual
Flower Coloryellow
DescriptionA low plant (2-4" tall) with finely dissected, feathery leaves resembling yarrow in feel but with a different branching pattern. The flowers are compound and the flower head is round and densely packed with many tube-shaped, tiny flowers. The plant is so named because the flowers are said to smell like pineapples. I think it smells like chamomile,which is not surprising, considering how similar the two plants are.
EdibilityTea. Probably delicious.
HabitatThis plant grows well in disturbed soil. It is often found in yards and around other human spaces.
Other NotesThis plant is closely related to chamomile, and the flowers look very similar.